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  Federchimica Analysis  2010/2011


Conference on the “Role and prospects of the chemical industry in Italy” – Milan October 3, 2011. The Conference was organised as part of events on the Year of Chemistry, under the aegis of the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei and Federchimica, and intended to restore a level of centrality to the chemical industrial, given its

importance as regards the chemical science sector and the development of an Italian chemical industry which is increasingly competitive and innovative. 

Crisis and refurbishing of Chemical industries – Analysis of the changes imposed by the fine and specialised Chemical industries in order to face the current crisis.

June 2011 – A questionnaire was distributed by the Federchimica Research Centre to 75 enterprises based in Italy and operating in the fine chemical and specialised sectors, to find out how they are facing the current crisis.

Technological innovation in the Italian Chemical sector involves 1,200 enterprises, 800 of which investing in research activities, making it second in the whole of Europe, after Germany. Chemical sector is top of the industrial sector rankings and committed to innovation in the environmental field, striving to achieve benefits, not only for itself, but also for all its users.